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Cortisol is basically the stress hormone, which plays an imperative role in controlling levels of blood sugar, in reducing inflammation, controlling blood pressure and so on. 
Do you feel lethargic or sluggish after having a meal? This happens because we usually tend to eat heavy meals so as to eliminate hunger for a longer time. But after having a heavy meal consisting of fats and other food items, our body needs some time to digest the food.

Are you struggling to cope up with strict deadlines in your office? You may feel overwhelmed, anxious and depressed from due to the overload of work. Nobody can keep working hard relentlessly. 


Weight management is the latest trend among people. It is difficult to shed the extra weight in the body and once the goal is achieved, it becomes important to maintain and manage the same.

Vitamin D is not only associated with strong bones but also plays an important role in skeletal, immunity, development of body and cardiovascular health. Thus maintaining the level of vitamin D is vital for our health. Lack of vitamin D makes..

Our busy lifestyles often disturb our health. In order to maintain our professional life at the top, sometimes we pay no attention to complement our vigor. Nevertheless, by doing this we make a stairway to poor physical condition. Little that we must not ignore is that once a wise man said...

Nowadays everyone is very much concerned about their health and fitness. For this, they search for nutritious foods and supplements. But do you know what you are getting is actually suitable for your health or not? Perhaps no. The reason for asking this question is, 
Cortisol is a stress hormone in our body, produced by our adrenal gland. Do you know if this cortisol level goes high it causes the adrenal fatigue? So, there is an important connection between your cortisol level and adrenal fatigue, and it is important to manage your stress level to treat the adrenal fatigue.
Are you worried about your continuous weight gain? Then this easy tip that comes in the form of Paleo shakes for weight loss will definitely resolve your problem in this regard. Yes, it's true. Weight loss can be possible with this technique only within 2-3 weeks and you will get an amazingly attractive figure.

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