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Low Carb - High Protein - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Low Carb - High Protein - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • 1 ¼ cup almond flour
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 ½ tsp baking powder, this one is corn free
  • ⅛ tsp sea salt, * optional
  • ⅔ cup sweetener of choice - coconut sugar for paleo, or sweetener for low carb(or other low carb granulated sweetener equivalent)
  • 5 ½ tbsp butter, cold
  • ½ tbsp molasses *optional
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 lg egg
  • 1 Scoop Creamy Vanilla Clean Lean
  • 2 Scoops Dutch Chocolate Clean Lean
  • ½ cup paleo chocolate chips, or sugar free chocolate chips for low carb, or chopped low carb chocolate bar
  • ¼ cup chopped pecans *optional


  1. Preheat oven to 325 F, and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper or silicon baking mats, or can grease them.
  2. In a large mixing bowl with electric hand beater or a stand mixer, cream butter and granulated sweetener  until well combined. 
  3. Add egg, molasses, and vanilla extract to mixing bowl and mix in until combined.
  4. In a separate large mixing bowl combine: almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, and sea salt. Stir until combined.
  5. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix in until combined.
  6. Fold in chocolate chips and pecans.
  7. Place tbsp size spoonfuls across cookie sheet 1 ½ inches apart.
  8. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, or until cookies are browned on the bottoms.
  9. Remove and cool for at least 25 minutes or longer, or until cookies firm up 



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