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Cortisol and Stress Support Supplements

Supplements to Reduce Cortisol - Cortisol Management Supplements

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is the body's primary stress hormone which works with a particular part of the brain to control mood, motivation, and fear. Cortisol plays an essential role in our body like:

  1. Cortisol manages how our body uses carbohydrate, fats, and proteins.
  2. Cortisol keeps inflammation down.
  3. Cortisol regulates blood pressure.
  4. Cortisol increases the blood sugar level.
  5. Cortisol control sleep/wake cycle.
  6. Cortisol boost energy so you can handle stress.

Cortisol is referred to as a stress hormone. Our hypothalamus and pituitary gland located in the brain, it can sense if the blood contains the right level of cortisol. If the cortisol level is too low, our blood adjusts the number of hormones it makes. Then our adrenal gland picks up these signals and it controls the amount of cortisol they release.

Cortisolsecretion generally helps in maintaining homeostasis in the body because of its central role as a first responder and its capabilities to modulate several critical physiological functions. Cortisol works as a bridge between stress and its health consequences. Variation of cortisol secretion is an indicator of fear, it is found that cortisol production is generally at its peak in the morning and then decreases over the day.

Cortisol receptors are in most cells in our body they receive and use the hormone in different ways. Our needs differ from day to day life when we are facing such problems; cortisol management supplements help you in maintaining cortisol level.

Ingredients of Adrenal Balance for Cortisol Support:

Stress-reducing blends contain Ashwagandha, root and leaf extract, and L- Theanine.

Cortisol reducing blend contains magnolia, bark extract, honokiol, magnolia, epimedium, and Phosphatidylserine

Other ingredients are Cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, titanium dioxide color, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, silicon dioxide,  hydroxypropyl cellulose, stearic acid magnesium stearate glycerin, soy lecithin, carnauba wax. Contains soy.

About Adrenal Balance

Sleep and stress support

Cortisol management supplement work for great sleep, its stress-reducing ingredients like ashwagandha helps in reducing stress and aid in restful night sleep.

Decreases fatigue- Cortisol removes fatigue with no morning drowsiness and day time laziness.

Adrenal health support

Our adrenal gland plays a significant role in regulating stress level, and cortisol management supplement helps to reduce stress and support adrenal health.

Too much amount of cortisol

Adrenal gland in the brain's pituitary gland can trigger our body to make too much amount of cortisol. In this condition, there are chances of rapid weight gain, muscle weakness, diabetes, and other health problems.

Too little cortisol

If our body does not make enough amounts of this hormone, you might face a condition which is called Addison's disease. The symptoms of this disease change in skin color like darkening on scars, tired all the time, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite and weight.

If you have too much stress that is affecting your sleep, then it is the symptom that your body is not making enough cortisol which is needed by the average body. For balancing cortisol levels, you can take cortisol balance supplements.

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